Why we decided to create a method?

Anyone involved in packaging knows that the packaging profession is underestimated. When working on projects for and with our clients, we often see that they’ve completely underestimated not only the problems but also the possibilities.

Optimize packaging processes and packaging concepts is more complex than many people think, it seems all obvious. But many people from different departments are involved in packaging, they all have their preferences and all speaks their own languages. In addition, in our opinion, a packaging is only a good packaging when it functions well in the entire supply chain.

To support our customers in this complex environment, a structured approach is needed. Therefore we created a method -the packaging(RE)view- which helps us to find out where the opportunities for improvement and cost savings are. The results are shown in a clear overview, so that we can discuss and set up together with our customers a clear plan for the near future.

Steps of the Packaging(RE)View method:

1) Sign in and receive your login code
2) Do the packaging(RE)view by answer the questionnaire
3) Summary of results by email
4) Face-to-face meeting to discuss the results in detail (*)

(*) This step is only done by joint agreement

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