Your Packaging Manager Within Reach

Solving packaging problems and structuring a good packaging organization is what we love to do and what we’re good at. It often takes quite a major (temporary) effort in the form of a project to implement improvements. Once everything is sorted, it is then key to keep the packaging situation under control. For this purpose, we came up with the ‘subscription’ as a concrete product.

At the end of every year, we evaluate the collaboration with the simple question: do you see the subscription as an expense or as a source of revenue? Your answer determines whether or not to extend your contract by 1 year.




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A professional and supplier independent support to answer all your
packaging questions with the use of the Packaging View subscription

What does the subscription include?

  • The execution of a Quick Scan
    The packaging processes and packaging concepts will be mapped. You will have a good overview of the bottle-necks that can be tackled and the opportunities that will come up in the near future.
  • One day a month consulting on location
    One day a month your Packaging View consultant will be at your office. Normally this is a fixed day (f.e. each first Wednesday of the month) so that everyone knows and can count on it. Topics which could be carried out are quality (control) issues, technical support during meetings with (potential) suppliers, sales & packaging issues etc. Also small improvement projects can be managed during these days.
  • Teleconsulting for free
    You can call or email all your questions about your packaging issues without paying extra. If possible you get an answer immediately.
  • You will have a permanent contact person
    He will become acquainted with your company by executing a Quick Scan and therefore can work for you efficiently and purposefully.
  • Conference on packaging issues
    Two times a year your Packaging View consultant will organize and facilitate an integral conference on packaging issues at your company
  • Reduced tariff
    For all other project activities you have your own packaging specialist, but at a reduced rate

What are the costs?

  • Depending on your situation and location in Czech Republic, but approx 13.500 CZK / month, excl VAT.

With the subscription of Packaging View you will dispose of an expert at any required time:

your own packaging manager within reach