Packaging View is a small company with a lot of experiences. Over 25 years we are successfully working on projects – mainly supply chain projects on transport packaging. We carry out these projects -among other- for companies from the automotive, manufacturing, high-tech, packaging, food, retail and agro & horticulture industries.

The belief that the total supply chain is the starting point for realising a good product-packaging combination is in our DNA. The application however is tailor-made. It is therefore important to form a good image of the current and desired situation in order to deliver this. The role we play in the organisation depends on your needs. We can do this as consultant, interim manager or project leader.

Ruud Hendrickx

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“New supply chains place different demands on packaging and present new challenges and opportunities. The challenge is to design and choose packaging which is cost-effective, protects the goods and helps make the supply chain as resource-efficient as possible”.