Packaging View is there for you when it comes to packaging issues. It is not just for nothing that we call ourselves ‘Your packaging manager within reach’. Within the integral approach Packaging View concentrates on the complete packaging chain, from analysis via advice to action.

In 3 steps from A to Z…

1. Analysis


Packaging View concentrates on cost reduction. With the help of a quick scan we rapidly and thoroughly create insight into where improvements can be made in the area of packaging materials, packaging concepts, packaging processes and logistics.

Within a couple of days you have a good insight into the bottlenecks which can be tackled and the opportunities which will arise in the (near) future. We also indicate how you can tackle the changes in the form of a step-by-step plan.


2. Advice

icons-2-inpageIn case of packaging issues, the principle of Packaging View always includes the complete chain. After all, the quality of your product is not only influenced by the circumstances of your own company, but also includes the circumstances of your suppliers and customers. Packaging View offers solutions for packaging problems and logistic bottlenecks inside and outside your organisation.


3. Action

icons-3-inpageOnce possible solutions have been offered, it is also important that they are realized. Therefore, Packaging View is not only there to give you advice, but also to realize the advices and plans that we have made together in a quick and efficient manner within your company.

Benefits of a subscription

YourPackagingManager - Ruud


  • Quick scan
  • One day a month consulting on location
  • Teleconsulting for free
  • Permanent contact person
  • Conference on packaging issues
  • Reduced tariff
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“Is your product packaging costing you money? By reconfiguring your product and packaging, you may be able to save significant logistics costs. The CEO of Ikea is fond of saying, “We hate air.” Ikea considers the logistics costs of their products as part of their redesign/design process. This has resulted in as much as a 50-percent reduction in product package size. Smaller packages generally mean lower logistics costs because you can transport and store more product using less space”.